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Comedy Central
Oct 28, 2013 11:30pm PDT
, folks, today the web site has sunk to new dot-lows. jim? >> we've all become familiar with this smiling woman who has graced the front of the health care web site since its launch. well, check this out, she's gone. >> she's now been replaced screen right with some handy icons showing you the different ways you can sign up. no word on why the change. >> stephen: i'll tell you why the change-- death panels got her. (laughter) prove me wrong, obama! folks, this affects me very deeply. over the past month, obamacare lady and i grew very close. (laughter) i mean, we had an instant connection until it disconnected me. (laughter) still, we spent a lot of time together loading and buffering and refreshing. i shared more with her than i ever have with a picture of a woman. (laughter) my full name, my yearly income, apartment and/or suite number, i even told her that i'm not pregnant. (laughter) that i know of. (laughter) i've searched everywhere on the internet for her, all across the health care sites, over at the white house site. i even did a stock photo search for "vaguely
Comedy Central
Oct 28, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. not to be confused with netscape navigator, which is evidently what is run on. (laughter) (applause) now, folks, the setup -- to setup these navigators the obama administration has reached out to established community organizations like food banks. joining me now as i visit one of these health care houses of horror in -- "stephen colbert's i tried to sign up for obamacare." (cackling) first, i headed to the monmouth county food bank where i met with the executive director, carlos rodriguez. >> welcome to the food bank. >> stephen: so we're in an industrial kitchen to sign up for obamacare. break that down for me. how does that work? >> this is one part of the food bank where we provide meals for over 10,000 children a year. >> stephen: just to be clear, you're not a health care provider of any kind. >> that's correct. >> stephen: even though people come to you for obamacare and soup. >> i am not a dr. . >> stephen: nor are you a chef? >> i am not a chef. >> stephen: okay. is obamacare limited to people who can access it? >> obamacare is only limited to those who want it and who are
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)